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Donors Outside India:

Shalom Delhi is a Unit of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)  which is registered under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act in India. Registration number: 231650016

a) Direct Financial Transfer to Emmanuel Hospital Association

We accept cheques or online transfers. You may send your cheques or transfer online in favour of Emmanuel Hospital Association. You may also write to us at We will send you an acknowledgement mail and receipt.

At the time of transfer, please provide the donor’s name and address and specify the purpose as “for Shalom Delhi Project”


b) Tax deductible donations through EHA USA

The Emmanuel Hospital Association USA is an organization dedicated to raising support for the work of The Emmanuel Hospital Association in India.

Tax deductible donations for Shalom Delhi from donors in the USA could be made through the donation page on the following link:

You may wish to write to us at at the time of transfer, so we could acknowledge your donation.

c) Tax deductible donations through Global Development Group (GDG )

Emmanuel Hospital Association is a Partner with Global Development Group. Donors from United States, Australia or United Kingdom may choose to direct tax deductible donations for Shalom Delhi’s Medical Care Program through GDG.

Donors from US: You can direct your tax deductible donations to Global Development Fund for Project J836NG  at For more information visit or contact Paula Armstrong at

Donors from Australia: You can direct your tax deductible donations to Global Development Fund for Project J836NG at For more information visit

Donors from UK:  You can direct your tax deductible donation to Global Development Fund through Stewardship of UK:  After creating an account, money can be gifted into the account by a preferred method. To donate to the GDG, search Global Development Group Australia or account number ‘20139990.’ To identify the desired GDG project, enter ‘J836NG’ in the ‘Detail’ box. For more information visit