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Home Based Care – HIV

The Home Based Care (HBC) Program for HIV seeks to meet the needs of clients and their families in the setting of their own homes.  During home visits the home care team monitors the client’s condition and provides symptom relief, supportive care and counseling.  Family members, who are the primary care-givers are also cared for and empowered to look after loved ones in the comfort of their home.  Community volunteers are also linked to the families and trained to provide home care.

“When expectant hope is reciprocated with abandonment and abuse it robs individuals of much more than what they had expected. When Hope is rekindled in that brokenness it brings healing, wholeness, and transformation.”– HBC Staff

Shalom has provided good quality care for families infected or affected with HIV/AIDS for nearly two decades. This has included both clinical care services through its base hospital and home-based care services in the community. Many of the families who have benefitted from the home-based care program are now productive members of society and able to strengthen others facing similar struggle.

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