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Kiran Livelihood Program

Kiran is a livelihood project of Shalom Delhi. Shalom Delhi is a Palliative care unit of Emmanuel Hospital Association, that provides holistic care for patients with HIV and terminal cancer. Shalom was established in 2001 to provide care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Delhi. Shalom targets those persons in society who are marginalized, as they are the ones who find it hardest to access care.

Kiran provides opportunities for people infected/affected by HIV/AIDS and Cancer to reconstruct their livelihood through activities that provide a fair income, and in conditions that are easily accessible, flexible and supportive to their needs. Kiran’s goal is to empower women who are infected/affected with HIV/AIDS and Cancer through training and imparting skills to improve their economic livelihood. The women are currently learning skills of stitching, adult literacy, and mental health awareness.

Kiran recently introduced the Skill-Based Training Program for adolescent girls. The girls attend the program thrice a week for six months and learn skills of sewing and stitching. The first batch of Skill-Based Trainees completed the program recently.

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