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Hope Couple

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Hope Couple

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Prashant* and Jaya* are a gentle quiet couple that have hope they will be well again. They speak with determination and hope that they can beat this disease.

They come from a village in Uttar Pradesh near Lucknow and while HIV positive their children are negative. They are now living on the outskirts of Delhi. They have 2 children still studying in school and one daughter who is married. Their eyes light up when they speak on their young grandson and give thanks for the joy he has brought the family.

Hope CoupleHowever, they are desperately poor and travel for hours to seek medical care at SHALOM using up what little money they have. They are thankful for the help they have received since January shortly after being diagnosed and referred. The good medicine they are receiving is helping to stabilize Prashant and he is now able to drink water again. They are trying to remain as healthy as possible, and Jaya is remaining strong although stressed for their future.

They live in fear that their neighbours will find out what is wrong and shun them. Unable to work in construction they have used up their savings and have started to borrow money.  They are alone in the city and want to be able to work again.

They hope that their children will not have to struggle through life, will follow the right way and will respect people.

Shalom seeks to walk alongside them in their journey and support them so that their life could be stable again.

*Name changed

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